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Lessons in Becoming a Club Legend by Mamadou Sahko

Let's be honest for a minute. Mamadou Sahko is a pretty good footballer. He's not world class and he's not going to be a Ballon d'Or finalist anytime soon. However, what he has become is a fan favorite at Liverpool. The supporters absolutely love the center back.

But why? He has no real ties to the club. He was born in France and was purchased from PSG in 2013 so it's not a sentimental bond of any kind.

The reason the club's followers have fallen in love with Sakho is purely because of the way he treats them. He's honest and genuine about his interaction with the fans and the bond created between the two has grown to a massive level in just two years. He's loved by everyone. He's a selfless athlete in this day and age where that is few and far between. He takes time out of his schedule to always make time for the supporters.

Sakho posted this video on Facebook that shows exactly how much he means to the supporters and vice versa:

Nice surprise awaited me at the end of the training yesterday #Souvenir #visit #YNWA #bestSupporters #Liverpool

Posted by Mamadou Sakho on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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