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Actor Clive Owen Talks Being a Liverpool Supporter

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Liverpool Football Club is one of the most prestigious clubs in the world. With that comes support from all over the globe. That includes a host of celebrity supporters as well.

These A-list celebs who support the Reds include Damian Lewis of "Homeland" and "Band of Brothers" fame, "James Bond" himself Daniel Craig, and action film juggernaut Liam Neeson.

Another well-known actor who is a diehard Liverpool supporter is Clive Owen. The 51-year-old world-famous actor was born in Coventry, England and says he's a huge fan of the club. The star of such films as "Inside Man", "Sin City", and "The International", Owen is not shy about proclaiming his love for Liverpool. He has done numerous works of art surrounding Liverpool including narrating the documentary series "Being: Liverpool". 

He joined the Late Show with Seth Meyers and told stories about his life as a Liverpool supporter, including a great story about the 2007 Champions League final. Watch the video below and see what the actor has to say: