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Jordan Henderson Reportedly Injured During England Training

England and Liverpool's injury woes continue, as Jordan Henderson had to cut short his training session ahead of Monday's Euro qualifier against Switzerland with an ankle injury.

Laurence Griffiths

Daniel Sturridge getting injured on Friday wasn't enough for Roy Hodgson and England, who are testing the resolve of Liverpool's English contingent and getting all the wrong answers. According to Sam Wallace at the Indpendent, Jordan Henderson--he of running for nineteen days straight with stopping for food, water, or to catch a breath--limped out of training on Sunday night with an injury to his left ankle. That news is, to put it lightly, a major, life-altering, earth-shattering, wormhole-creating catastrophe the likes of which the human mind could not have previously imagined.

And that's probably an understatement, unless it was totally precautionary and Henderson will be back in the next few days. That's entirely possible, but the fact that we're talking about a player who doesn't stop for anything, let alone a minor ankle knock, is worrying. The fact that we're talking about him getting injured on England duty is doubly worrying, as Roy Hodgson has a less than exemplary record when it comes to handling player injuries appropriately.

As with Sturridge, the bodies are available to help Brendan Rodgers cope if Henderson is forced into an extended absence. Joe Allen's been terrific, Adam Lallana is back and in the running for selection, Emre Can has been strong and energetic in his substitute appearances in the season's first three weeks, and Philippe Coutinho can drop deeper to great effect if the situation dictates.

Given the impact Henderson's absence had during the run-in last season, though, it's hard to not do a mild bit of panicking, especially during the busiest stretch of the early season. He's not Liverpool's best player by any stretch, but there's no debating that he's their most important.

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