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UEFA Confirm Liverpool Will Undergo FFP Investigation

UEFA have today confirmed that Liverpool and six other clubs are considered at risk of violating Financial Fair Play and will have their finances investigated.

Alex Grimm

Following yesterday's reports that Liverpool, Roma, Inter Milan, and Monaco were expected to be investigated by UEFA's financial compliance office to determine Financial Fair Play compliance comes confirmation from European football's governing body today. In addition to those four clubs, UEFA will also be investigating Sporting Lisbon, Besiktas, and Krasnodar.

Being investigated by UEFA is not the same as being charged, and at least some—and possibly even all—of the clubs facing a more in depth investigation of their finances are likely to be determined to be in compliance. Liverpool have since briefed reporters with ties to the club, suggesting they do not expect to be found to have broken any rules, while Brendan Rodgers remains unconcerned.

"It's obviously something that will be dealt with by the directors," he said when asked about UEFA's investigation at his pre-match press conference today ahead of this Saturday's match against Everton. "It's something we're comfortable with because we're great advocates of financial fair play. It's ongoing with the club."

Though the club believes they have not run afoul of UEFA's regulations, Liverpool's posted losses in 2011-12 and 2012-13 will require write-offs based on youth development, infrastructure, and community projects in order to pass FFP. This puts them at risk according to UEFA's guidelines, which is why they have been included in the investigation.

Last season, 76 clubs were judged to be at risk of violating FFP and were investigated in more depth, but only nine of those were judged to have violated it and ended up charged. Liverpool's net losses in recent seasons, then, likely always meant they too would face investigation when they returned to Europe, and so today's confirmation isn't hugely surprising.

Based on Liverpool's ongoing support of FFP regulations, that UEFA consider any club posting a loss to be at risk and investigate them more thoroughly regardless of whether they have violated FFP, and that the club continue to suggest they do not believe they were in violation of FFP, there seems little cause for concern amongst fans.

Liverpool and the six other clubs under investigation will still receive their payments for participating in the Champions League while the investigation is ongoing.

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