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Markovic Fitness in Doubt for Season Opener Against Southampton

Lazar Markovic missed a large portion of the US tour with a niggling injury, and now it's revealed that his hamstring strain might rule him out from the Premier League opener against Southampton.

David Banks

We've yet to see very much of Lazar Markovic in a Liverpool uniform--he didn't join the club until just before the US tour, and after featuring in the first half against Olympiacos, we haven't seen him in action since. Forty-five minutes was enough to leave us wanting more, but we've had to wait as he gets back to full fitness after suffering a small knock in training that's now been revealed as a hamstring strain that will not only rule him out of tomorrow's friendly against Borussia Dortmund, but could see him left out of the squad for the season opener against Southampton as well.

That could mean Brendan Rodgers is without both Markovic and Adam Lallana, whose knee injury will see him miss the first three matches of the season. Markovic is expected primarily to come off the bench in his first season at Anfield, with starts penciled in here and there, but his absence would be a blow to the depth that this summer's transfer business has afforded, especially when combined with Lallana's absence.

Hopefully the next week sees his fitness improve, and that he's able to make the bench with promise of an appearance later on in the match. As will continue to be the case with Lazar Markovic, however, patience is needed, both in the short-term as we wait for his Anfield debut and in the long-term as we hope to see him turn into the type of top-level talent his early career suggests he's capable of.

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