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Liverpool Release Hooped Black and Red Third Kit

As expected since leaked images of the 2014-15 kits emerged, Liverpool's third will be a black hooped number with a red sash running across it. And it's actually rather nice.

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After the earlier release of Liverpool's home and away kits, the club today have officially revealed their third option for next season. While recent seasons have seen a black third kit, this year's is a bit of a change of pace as Warrior manages to incorporate both hoops and a sash running across them. It might sound a little much, but on the whole it works.

It might even be the best of the three offerings this season, and after two years where the home kit was the clear winner amongst Warrior's offerings, it's certainly the best away or change kit the club have offered from the upstart sportswear company. The only mark against it is perhaps that it doesn't hark back to any the club have previously worn.

In recent seasons, though, it's been a safe bet that at least one of Liverpool's kits will take things in an entirely new direction, from Adidas' controversial blue offering a few seasons back through Warrior's tri-part sweater meets Tetris kits last season. In that light, a black, grey, and red offering that looks like it would be at home in the South American leagues is downright restrained.

If you're so inclined, you can find the new kit for purchase today in the club's online store.

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