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Blatter Hopes Suarez "Can Have His Career Back"

It always seemed likely Luis Suarez' ban would be reduced on appeal, and FIFA president Sepp Blatter's praise for the striker's recent apology only strengthens that line of thought.

Matthias Hangst

For some, Luis Suarez' apology for biting Giorgio Chiellini was late and insincere. It did, after all, come after the striker defended his actions at his FIFA hearing by saying he hadn't made those actions and in the wake of widespread rumours he only changed tack to satisfy Barcelona in the hopes of getting a move.

As far as FIFA president Sepp Blatter is concerned, though, it's enough, and shows Suarez' sense of fair play. One imagines the Uruguayan FA will trot out Blatter's take on Suarez' apology as exhibit one in his defence as they proceed with their appeal of his nine-match international ban and four-month blanket football ban.

"He said I'm sorry to the soccer family, and that's fair play," Blatter told reporters in Rio de Janeiro. "That shows he's a great player and I hope he can have his soccer career back."

Well there you have it. Sepp Blatter hopes Suarez can have his career back. You can hear that four-month blanket ban being dialled back already—something Liverpool's negotiators must keep in mind as they continue their negotiations with Barcelona over the player's transfer.

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