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Rodgers Provides Update on Lallana Knee Injury

The absence of Adam Lallana for the first few weeks of the season is disappointing, but on Saturday evening Brendan Rodgers asserted that the club remain cautiously optimistic that their efforts to get him fit will ensure that he's ready for the rest of the campaign.

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Richard Heathcote

Adam Lallana has largely seemed to be the most anonymous signing of the summer, which doesn't quite add up considering the furor over the amount Liverpool paid. Rickie Lambert has the nice story, Lazar Markovic the potential, and Emre Can the...everything, while Lallana became that guy everyone got upset about because he cost so much and then he got signed and whatever did you see Emre Can's calves?

Which wasn't fair to Lallana at all, as he's the pick of that lot when it comes to who was expected to have the most immediate impact. Emphasis on was, unfortunately, as we learned on Friday that he suffered a knee injury in training and will, according to Brendan Rodgers, likely have his Liverpool debut pushed back until September

"Of course it was very disappointing - it's probably going to be four to six weeks. He has looked fantastic in training; it was just a very simple exercise with no pressure. The medical team are looking closely at that at the moment. We're hopeful that he'll come back fairly quickly, but there's no rush. He's a fantastic player, we just need to get him back fit and well because it's a long season."

That's the perfect response to questions about a player returning from a knee injury of any kind--Lallana will be missed, certainly, but the prospect of trying to bring him back too early and suffering further damage isn't worth the risk. I mentioned in the comments of Conor's post the other day that Liverpool's front six without him should still be more than capable of causing problems, and the options off the bench are far better heading into this season than last.

Getting Adam Lallana back will be important for Liverpool's season, but even more critical is that his return is one that lasts.

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