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Adam Lallana Out Six Weeks With Training Injury

Liverpool's attacking depth has already taken a blow, as Lallana will miss at least the first three matches of the season after suffering knee ligament damage in training.

Richard Heathcote

Well this preseason tour isn't off to the greatest start, is it? First Roma wins late on in the opening match, and now comes this little gem:


While this news is truly unfortunate for Adam Lallana, Liverpool should be OK for the matches he'll miss. Thanks to the signings of both he and Lazar Markovic, Liverpool actually have rather impressive depth in the attacking midfield band, especially with Philippe Coutinho in quality form so far this summer. It takes away some options from Brendan Rodgers in the short term, but he has enough options left over that he'll be able to suffer through.

Fortunately, Pearce says the injury won't require surgery, just time on the sideline. It certainly could have been a lot worse (hi Lucas!), and it happened far enough from the start of the season that he should only miss three league matches. That one of them is the season opener against Southampton is unfortunate, but Soton fans will still have both Rickie Lambert and (seemingly) Dejan Lovren to revisit, so they'll have plenty to glower about.

He'll be more missed against Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur in the next two matches, however, with an attacker of his quality surely being useful in two potentially tough away matches. After that, he'll have two weeks to get fit for a home tie against Aston Villa, which should be a decent landing spot for a player coming back from injury.

No matter what, just get healthy, Adam. We don't need you rushing back and making things worse.

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