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Liverpool Remain One of Football's Biggest Brands

Liverpool retain a top ten spot in Brand Directory's annual list of the most valuable brands in football.

Clive Rose

Football is often populated with terms that seem distant from supporters and increasingly close to boardroom executives. However, such things matter when trying to build a power base surrounding a club and FSG picked up a club that may have been in disarray but was a name to be reckoned with. Liverpool Football Club is not only a sporting institution but a potential financial powerhouse with ample room for growth. The history, fan base, and commercial strategy indicate that this is a club that will continue to grow yet matters on the pitch will be the true driver of growth. Liverpool's strongest title challenge for over twenty years may signal another warning to brands believed to be superior in status and reach in 2014.

The Brand Finance Football 50 2014, displayed in full glory on Brandirectory's website, places Liverpool in eighth spot just behind Chelsea. In fact, the top ten looks like a who's who of Europe's most powerful clubs and for those curious enough, take a look at the list.

1) Bayern Munich

2) Real Madrid

3) Manchester United

4) FC Barcelona

5) Manchester City

6) Arsenal

7) Chelsea

8) Liverpool

9) Borussia Dortmund

10) Paris Saint-Germain FC

Juventus, both Milan clubs, Tottenham, Everton, and Atlético Madrid feature in the next ten slots from 11 to 20 while Napoli, Bayer Leverkusen, and Olympique Lyonnais nip from the 21st to 26th positions, respectively. Liverpool dropped from seventh to eight but it puts Liverpool's title challenge into perspective. It was welcome and unexpected yet Liverpool shouldn't be too far adrift. On the flip side, Liverpool are the fifth-ranked English side and that alone should remind supporters of the challenge the club will face to retain its freshly regained Champions League status.

Few would argue with the top four but if Manchester United continue to struggle domestically then the lower reaches of the top ten will become more suitable surroundings for a club with huge commercial output. that has been developing for decades. Manchester City and Chelsea are propped up by exorbitant wealth while Arsenal's stadium investment and continued Champions League presence brings its own power to the proceedings. For Liverpool, the potential is there but wise, ambitious, considered, and sustainable investment on the playing side will only bring greater rewards for FSG and those connected with the club.

With the exception of Manchester United, whose pitiful domestic season could prove to be an aberration, each side is a Champions League regular and attracts the world's greatest talent. Liverpool are in a position where FSG and Brendan Rodgers can demonstrate that Liverpool still have far to go under their collective stewardship. This summer is a fine opportunity to build on a fantastic season where both Liverpool's club and brand are projected to match or even possibly exceed its status.

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