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Balotelli Charged By FA Over Social Media Blunder

Remember Mario Balotelli's ill-advised Instagram post that made so many people mad? Well, now the FA's gotten involved, formally charging Balotelli over it.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Sometimes as a public figure, the best social media policy is to have no social media involvement at all. Perhaps for Mario Balotelli, that will be the case soon.

Balotelli caused an uproar earlier this week when a post he made on Instagram got attention for all the wrong reasons. While the post was almost certainly made in jest, part of its content was rather poorly thought-through to say the least, and it's since embroiled the striker in yet another public spectacle, with him at the center of it.

Liverpool have reportedly been investigating the manner, with various punishments for the Ghanaian-born Italian striker mooted by various dark corners of the internet. It was also believed that the FA would get involved in some way, and... well, now they have.

"Mario Balotelli has been charged by The FA in relation to a recent posting on social media. It is alleged the Liverpool player breached FA Rule E3[1] in that his posting was abusive and/or insulting and/or improper.

"It is further alleged that this is an ‘Aggravated Breach’ as defined by FA Rule E3[2] as it included a reference to ethnic origin and/or colour and/or race and/or nationality and/or religion or belief."

-Source: The FA official website

While the idea of the FA lecturing Balotelli on matters of racism and abusive behavior when he himself has been the target of said behavior dozens of times in his career is a rich one, the fact is that this will likely not end well for Balo. He has until December 15th to respond to the FA's charge, at which point they will hand down whatever ruling they see fit. At the very least, it's likely Balotelli will be given a fine for his actions, and given recent history with the FA and matters of racism and religious abuse, it wouldn't be shocking if he's suspended as well.

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