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Daniel Sturridge Sees Injury as Opportunity for Growth

Always skilled at making the best of a bad situation, Daniel Sturridge is once again trying to find the positives in yet another injury setback.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Last week Daniel Sturridge managed the dubious feat of getting injured during the international break despite not being on international duty because he was recovering from an injury sustained during the previous international break while he was on international duty. Got that?

It's a feeling Sturridge is becoming all too familiar with, and while it can't be fun to deal with, the Liverpool striker is once again doing his best to find silver linings in his situation. As is characteristic of the player, Sturridge took to his various social media channels to share some upbeat thoughts with his many followers.

Through all this I'm growing as a man and an athlete. Everybody goes through things in their life that can make or break them. This for me is just another hurdle to jump over. Another door to break down. I'll be back soon enough strong and ready to play. Thanks to everyone for your support. ❤️

Aw, hearts. For those who follow Sturridge's online activities regularly, it's unsurprising to hear him speak this way about an injury. Sturridge often reveals himself to be a man of good character, and using this setback as not just a chance for rehab but as an opportunity for personal growth when it comes to adversity is certainly a good strategy for improving the mental side of his game as well. Dr Peters would be proud!

One hopes that that thing inside him is greater than that other thing inside him causing mysterious and recurring tears in his thigh muscles, but the verdict is still out on the results of Liverpool's investigation into his injury history.

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