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Rodgers Prepared for the Worst if Results Don't Improve

Brendan Rodgers is all too aware that if Liverpool's results don't improve, he could very well get the sack. Less clear is what he plans to do about it to turn things around.

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It's undeniable that the RODGERS OUT shouts are at an all time high after Liverpool's disappointing loss to Crystal Palace on Sunday. It was the club's third loss in a row in the league — a first under Rodgers — and the fourth in all competitions, raising flags for many as to whether or not Rodgers has what it takes to steer Liverpool for the rest of the season.

"I'm not arrogant enough to think that I will be in a job through anything," said Rodgers after the match on the subject of getting sacked. "Any manager will tell you, you have to win games and you have to get results. And especially after how we have been developing as a football club. I've got a great communication line with the owners, and we are always open and honest with each other. But ultimately you have to get results, and you have to perform.

"In my first year here, we maybe didn't get the results but we were performing well. Owners and directors, chairmen and chief executives, they have to see development on the field, and I think barring this period, our development has been very good and fast. But there's no doubt that as a manager you have to get results, and that will support you and give confidence to the owners."

If FSG are indeed playing the long game and are looking well past this season, then Rodgers' results will look more like a temporary blip than a major downward spiral to be corrected. Still, even blips aren't fun when you're in the middle of them, and a major course correction is what turns a blip into a winning side. The alternative is both fathomable and unfortunate, but Rodgers admits that the results are squarely on him.

"I will only ever do my best," the manager continued. "My best has seen us develop well, but now I need to fight even harder, and take responsibility, because as a manager the full responsibility comes to me, and any pressure that comes with that falls on me."

It's unclear at this point what "taking responsibility" means for Brendan Rodgers. He'd already taken responsibility for the poor run of results late last week yet the largely predictable set of problems still persisted on Sunday. Changes are needed, many feel they're easily identifiable, and Liverpool's busy fixture list should provide ample opportunity to make some necessary tweaks.

With a bit of Bulgarian travel on the horizon as Liverpool take on Ludogorets in Champions League midweek, it will be easy enough for Rodgers' players to avoid dwelling on the loss. Whether they get the tactical support to get an away result at a critical juncture in their European campaign will be up to Rodgers.

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