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Moreno Targets Five and Five

Left back Alberto Moreno, one of Liverpool's few real bright spots in a difficult season, has set himself a target of five goals and five assists, but a few others will need to chip in, too.

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The season hasn't exactly been filled with positives for Liverpool, and an injury to Jordan Henderson and re-injury to Daniel Sturridge over the international break has it looking as though the club's season is already on the verge of complete irrelevance. There are a few positives, though, if you look hard enough. And none more so than new left back Alberto Moreno.

"When we are about to go out, [Brendan Rodgers] always says to me to get forward and attack as much as I can but to be aware that as a fullback I have to defend as well," said Moreno when asked about his role so far for Liverpool. "The fundamental job of a defender is to defend, but at the first opportunity I should get forward and create problems further up the pitch."

At times some have questioned his defensive positioning, but it's always been clear that he has been asked to come in and do an attacking job first. As to the defence, for that he has so far relied on his instant acceleration and lighting-quick recovery speed to ensure that the vast majority of the time that positioning doesn't matter. It doesn't always look safe and sound, but it's worked.

It's also led to a situation where Liverpool's left back has arguably been their most dangerous attacking threat, as much of what little good has come from Liverpool in the final third this year has started with Moreno bombing down the flank. Whether that says more about Moreno's quality or how disappointing some of his teammates have been, though, is a valid question.

"When I was a kid I played more as a winger or a wide attacking midfielder, not as a fullback," he said, explaining his attacking mindset. "But I always like to score goals and, above all, provide assists, which is what an attacking fullback has to do. As we stand I'm on one goal and an assist in 12 games, so I think I'm aiming at getting more than five goals and five assists."

That one goal, coming after a driving run half the length against Tottenham, stands as Liverpool's goal of the season, and a few more wouldn't hurt. Regardless of his final return, though, it's obvious Moreno has been one of Liverpool's few clear positives. And that it's beyond time some of the talented players around him started doing their jobs half as well as he's done his.

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