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Vote: Do Liverpool Need Another Striker?

Do Liverpool need another striker with Origi developing in France, Balotelli struggling, Sturridge injured, Lambert anonymous, and Borini in limbo?

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Liverpool's striker situation isn't looking as rosy as we thought it would after the international break. It was expected that Daniel Sturridge would return from injury to take his rightful place as Liverpool's goalscoring totem and possibly lift a side struggling for form. The England international's presence would also benefit Mario Balotelli, a striker in desperate need of company. Daniel Sturridge's latest setback changes all of this.

Six weeks is not too bad if viewed in isolation as injuries happen, but Sturridge has been absent since the end of August. That victory against Tottenham Hotspur is becoming increasingly symbolic of what Liverpool are missing in personnel and formation. It seems that if Sturridge and the diamond return, all will be well for Liverpool moving forward. Liverpool cannot count on the dancing man's presence for the rest of the year and are understandably frustrated with a lack of durability that Jordan Henderson or Luis Suárez have shown.

Mario Balotelli could be available despite a recent injury that cut short his return to the international scene, Rickie Lambert has made very little impact at the club so far, and it's not quite happening for Fabio Borini. Both Brendan Rodgers and Mario Balotelli have identified that the mercurial Italian functions best with a partner, so is this the best option for a side in need of inspiration? Should Liverpool invest in a striker or utilise existing resources effectively?

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