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Moreno: "They Never Stop"

Though the team has struggled, Alberto Moreno has made a strong start to life at Liverpool and is one of the club's bright spots. Now he's looking to push on for the supporters.

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After last season's heady title challenge, the crashing down to earth that has been the 2014-15 campaign to date has been, to put it mildly, a crushing disappointment teetering on the edge of disaster. Or maybe it's just been kind of not very much fun, depending on your penchant for for hyperbole.

No matter how disappointing one has found the new season, though, there have been a few bright spots to cling to, and none more so than Liverpool's two new fullbacks. Javi Manquillo sharing time with Glen Johnson on the right has some scratching their heads, but on the left, Alberto Moreno has arguably been the best part of the season to date.

"It's amazing and my hairs really stand on end every time I hear them cheering us on," he told the club's official website. "I especially love the fact that in spite of these defeats we've had of late, they never stop or tire of supporting the team and are always there for us. That's why we really have to turn things around. We have to do it for them."

Moreno hasn't been perfect, but it would be difficult to find any player who could be given the problems around him. What he has been, match in and match out, is one of Liverpool's best and most consistent performers. And even if the results haven't always been there, Moreno is at least happy with how things are going for him personally.

"I'm overjoyed with how things are going," he said. "It has really flown by. I think that's important for a player—the months passing by quickly—as it means that things are going well, you are playing regularly and performing quite well. I really hope that I can stay here for a long time to come."

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