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Rumour Mongering: Brendan Rodgers Sack Race Superstar

The silly rumours of Brendan Rodgers being sacked must go somewhere.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

If whispers are to believed, Brendan Rodgers is a potential candidate for a mid-season sacking. These rumours do not have much credence, and while there are a number of increasingly dissatisfied members of the Liverpool fanbase, continued struggles for the remainder of the year would not make Liverpool's manager close to losing his job. Liverpool haven't done well and need to show some considerable improvement from this weekend forward to make some sort of credible challenge for a top four spot. It's a matter for players and staff members to ensure this happens as Liverpool fans wait in hope.

Those rumours then. Where on earth did they come from? If such ramblings are true, whom can we turn to in a time of crisis? The second question only requires a glance in the direction of the incumbent Liverpool manager. It is he who needs to make the right decisions for his side to rise. He has the nous, and his squad possesses the ability. The bastion of reliability and accuracy, The Metro, carried the story sourced from Tuttomercato. In fairness to the UK newspaper that's dispensed on weekdays for the supposed price of happiness, the claims of the original story were merely being relayed to a public hungry for cutting-edge and in-depth stories.

Liverpool's owners have started assessing whether to sack manager Brendan Rodgers following the Reds' poor start to the season. Italian website Tuttomercato leaked the news and they claim Fenway Sports are unhappy with the former Swansea chief and could dispose of him.

Also, Rodgers future "hangs in the balance" but fear not fragile fan, "no decision has been taken yet" when the likes of Crystal Palace await further sentencing. It's Neil Warnock, so even the mildest of trepidation wouldn't be a natural or acceptable reaction. In actual sacking news, Walter Mazzarri got sacked at Inter, and Roberto Mancini has returned to replace the former Napoli manager. Personally, that's a far more interesting story to follow and discuss voraciously.

It must be noted, however, that Brendan Rodgers is losing support and popularity. Some are frustrated with him and wonder where this season is heading. Liverpool have lost nearly half the number of games played in the Premier League to date and are fighting to remain in the Champions League in a somewhat kindly group. Many transfer signings haven't worked out as hoped, and performances do not offer Rodgers' staunchest supporters much to point to.

That Liverpool are still within reach of commonly accepted targets should be the greatest source of optimism, but improved results would be far more useful. Sack Rodgers? Instead, let's have an altogether more serious conversation and leave this for when things really become perilous.

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