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Alberto Moreno Believes Liverpool Can Bounce Back

In player stating belief in a brighter future after the international break news, Alberto Moreno has stepped up to the microphone.

Aberto Moreno believes in the squad. Do you?
Aberto Moreno believes in the squad. Do you?
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Liverpool haven't been playing well and the results haven't been coming either. In Brendan Rodgers' first two seasons, there have been many occasions where disappointing results arrived in spite of promising performances. There were a few notable disasters such as the first league game of the Rodgers era and last season's uninspiring Hull performance, an event that strangely inspired an upturn in form. This season has not been quite the same this season, and Liverpool may have stared at the bottom of the bottle before the international break after defeats to three teams in such a short space of time.

One of the brightest spots in a dull season so far has been the considerable promise of Alberto Moreno, a player who has been Liverpool's best signing of the summer so far. The left back position has been a troublesome one for longer than it should have been. Animal selfie superstar José Enrique may be a decent left back but doesn't possess the qualities needed to be a long-term answer for the position. His injury record also made it difficult to count on him along with some general lapses in his play. Thankfully, Moreno looks the part and is only 22.

The Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso lookalike believes that thing will get better, even if recent results will be difficult to forget. Daniel Sturridge was interviewed by BT Sport just before the Chelsea game, and while it was only a short conversation, the England striker remarked on how upbeat the squad was. Moreno has followed on from this describing the people in the Liverpool setup and training sessions as "lively" even in times of struggle. However, this is not a player mired in delusion and reflected on recent times with a view to better ones in the near future.

The players, the coaching staff, including the manager and everyone who works closely with us, we all feel a bit disappointed. For a team it's hard to take when you lose three games on the bounce, it's pretty tough. But I believe that this team has what it takes to bounce back. I think that with hard work, and when this international break is over, we'll all be working together again to take the club forward.

According to Moreno, this belief comes from the confidence the players have for each other along with the experience in the dressing room. Moreno goes on to point out that the squad is young, the players will only be giving 100 percent, and "sooner or later we will be back on the right track" to the top four we hope. All of what Moreno has said is difficult to argue with. The players are disappointed, they feel together, there is talent in the squad that one can be confident in, there are young players that may take time, and some players will be able to provide some experience. The hope is that Moreno's belief comes to reality as Liverpool need to pick up some results after the international break.

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