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Rodgers: Sturridge Can't Be Liverpool's Saviour

Though he hopes Daniel Sturridge's return will improve Liverpool, Brendan Rodgers insists the club and fans can't expect the striker to single-handedly salvage their season.

Alex Livesey

Daniel Sturridge is set to return to action, finally, against Crystal Palace following the international break. Which means that soon all the problems with Liverpool's defence and midfield and the lack of attacking movement throughout the team and the inability to transition and all the rest will magically be fixed.

Except they probably won't be. Sturridge might give the club a few more goals, and he might provide better movement himself, and if he does both it's bound to rub off on everyone around him. But many of the problems—some of which were there last season and covered over by a blistering attacking duo—won't magically be fixed by his reintroduction.

"I have said that can't be the case," insisted the manager when he was asked if the imminent return of last season's second top scorer in the Premier League could be the catalyst for turning around what has so far been a hugely disappointing season for Liverpool and getting them back in the top four race. "It's about the team. There is a collective responsibility."

Even if Sturridge was the player to single-handedly salvage Liverpool's season, he's been out for two and a half months now. He has played five games for Liverpool in the 2014-15 campaign, with his last club game coming in August and his last action for England on September 3rd against Norway. When he returns, he will simply not be match fit.

Despite that, and despite Rodgers' insistence that fans and even the team itself cannot begin to see the player as potential saviour, the manager does see Sturridge's return helping. And it probably will, even if it's only to give everyone a boost in confidence heading into their match against Crystal Palace. Hopefully, that boost lasts past the opening whistle.

"He is a top-end player, and hopefully he will go out and show that," added Rodgers. "He does make a difference, and they are the players that you need in your team. We hope he will be back for the next game and we will take it from there."

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