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Brendan Rodgers Preaches Patience with Lazar Marković

In a ludicrous turn of events, Brendan Rodgers believes it will take time for a 20-year-old to adapt to a new league and country.

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Jamie McDonald

Lazar Marković is barely a year older than young Raheem Sterling but has been in for some harsh criticism of his performances. The Serbia international has admittedly started slowly but seems to be getting a little bit better each game. The showings still need to improve drastically in order for a significant impact to be made this season but his game seems suited for the type of style that Liverpool have developed over the past two seasons. He is quick, direct, possesses a lovely touch, darts into space well, and is a skilful player. Confidence has never been his problem, yet the 20-year-old looks unsure in the final third.

He actually is a confident player who enjoys taking on opposing players but is appears a little overawed at times. The braggadocio of youth in an interview with The Telegraph UK has been replaced with inexperienced hesitancy in his first few appearances. The £20 million fee for a young player is considerable, but the potential gains Liverpool are there for to benefit from in the years to come. Thankfully, Brendan Rodgers has provided Marković with minutes without the expectation that the youngster should hit the ground running immediately.

"With young Marković it's taking time with him," Rodgers sensibly admitted. "He's in a new country and he's getting used to a new way of life and he's just getting accustomed to the physicality of this league having come from Portugal where it's totally different." That's what life has been like in four starts and two sub appearances to date this season. However Rodgers has noted that players being people can take different times to settle in a new club.

"If you look at Adam Lallana his performance in the derby showed that he is going to be a very good player, the supporters are going to love him," Rodgers added with a discerning eye. "I've got confidence in them both. That's why we brought them in. We're certainly not disregarding any of the players we've brought in. These are players who we believe will be outstanding players here but sometimes you can hit the ground running and sometimes it takes a wee bit of time."

The quest to be "outstanding" may be a longer one than anticipated for "young Marković" but patience, grasshopper. Good things come to those who wait and Lazar Marković is one of those good things.

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