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New Injury Sidelines Sturridge Another Month

Everything's the worst, everything's the worrrrrst, welcome to Liverpool, where everything's the worst!

Laurence Griffiths

Just when Liverpool were about to get their leading striker back from an injury suffered in training with England, a new injury suffered at Melwood is going to take him away again. Yes, that's right: Daniel Sturridge hurt his calf in training this morning, and if current fears are realized, he's going to miss another month of playing time with the injury, with the "official" word mooting a two-to-four week absence.

It was hoped that Sturridge was about to return after missing a long spell to add new life to Liverpool's floundering attack, but now those plans are dashed. Liverpool will have to keep limping along until mid-November with Mario Balotelli, Rickie Lambert, and Fabio Borini trying to fill in up top.

This is a huge, huge blow to Liverpool. They've desperately missed Sturridge's dynamism and top-notch finishing up top while he's been out, and having that assured presence up top would have gone a long ways towards helping Liverpool re-gain their best form.

Now they have to hope that Brendan Rodgers can unlock whatever has been missing from Mario Balotelli's game this season, or figure out some tactical setup that helps them work around the flaws that have been holding the side back this season. Above all else, Liverpool fans must hope that things get figured out fast, because if they don't... well, things are gonna get rough.

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