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Suarez Leaves Skrtel With a Few Rude Words of Wisdom

Luis Suarez may be gone, but stories involving him remain unavoidable. The latest is that he coached Martin Skrtel on what to say to Diego Costa to put him off his game.

Clive Rose

Golden boots and self-congratulatory drivel and a suspension nearing its end. It's been a busy week of Luis Suarez news for Liverpool fans to slog through, and for those hoping they could just move on from the circus now that the striker had left town, what patience they may have had for Suarez stories is beginning to wear thin.

So. Here's another Suarez story. That involves Liverpool and saying rude but hopefully not racially insensitive things to opponents. Because goodness knows it's been a while since we've had one of them. This time around it also involves Martin Skrtel, who recently put in a man of the match performance as Slovakia defeated Spain in Euro 2016 qualifying.

Before heading back to rejoin Liverpool, Skrtel revealed to journalists that Suarez, who he continues to talk to regularly, had sent a congratulatory text following the match. In reply, Skrtel thanked Suarez for teaching him all sorts of fun and potentially offensive things he could say to Diego Costa during the match to try to put the striker off his game.

"I wrote back thanking him for the rude words he'd taught me which I could use against Costa," said the imposing Slovak. As yet there's not word on exactly what words Skrtel might have been told to say by Suarez, or if any of them were Brazilian Portuguese for good job choosing to represent Spain right when they started to suck, buddy.

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