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Jose Enrique Is Heading For Warmer Sands

.... on vacation, anyways.

Ulet Ifansasti

The international break means that the players not with their home nations' squads usually get a few days off. Given the grind of the season, and the recent run of three-matches-in-a-week that Liverpool have been on, a few days to relax with family is just what the doctor ordered.

Most players just stay home, but some head abroad. Some guys have family to visit in other countries (Rafa Benitez, for example, has left Italy for a few days to head back to his home in Liverpool), and others want to fly around just for the heck of it.

Enter Jose Enrique, who's off to Dubai for a few days to enjoy the warm sun and fancy surroundings alongside his girlfriend.


Ready for Dubai!!! 35 degrees ..... Ata legoooo @amyjaine ☀️

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Anyone who's familiar with Enrique's off-the-pitch antics knows that this next few days will probably be very entertaining for the instagram barrage alone.

Given as this season hasn't gone quite to plan for Enrique, he probably needs the relaxation. Finally seeming healthy again after a frustratingly long spell on the training table, Enrique has still only started two matches thanks to the arrival of Alberto Moreno this summer. With the schedule continuing to look crowded for the next couple of months, Enrique could start seeing more starts as a rotation player, but you shouldn't hold your breath waiting for him to become a regular in the side again just yet.

Apparently Enrique might also be joined by Brad Jones, as the backup goalkeeper's fiancee is also in Dubai on vacation. Guess it's a real... backup destination.

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