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Watch: Liverpool FC Women Welcomed Home To Melwood

Matt Beard and the squad have officially moved into their new permanent training facility at Melwood, a massive step forward for the club.

The Liverpool FC Women were once the cream of the crop in the UK, winning back to back titles in 2013 and 2014. Since that time, the club saw a serious lack of investment, planning, and frankly, any of the top brass seeming to give a damn. This led to top class player after top class player leaving the club over in the ensuing years, leading to the embarrassment of relegation in the covid-shortened 2019-20 season.

The last couple of seasons has seen a resurgence for the LFC Women, both on and off the pitch. Title-winning manager Matt Beard returned to the club with promises that there would be proper investment. Behind the scenes, Russ Fraser was appointed as the first ever Managing Director for the club to get a cohesive and comprehensive strategy together.

Liverpool has seen great success under Beard, with the club promoted back to the WSL his first season in charge, followed up by finishing solidly mid-table in the second season. The club has seen an influx of quality talent over the past two years as well. Still, not having a permanent base for the squad has been a constant thorn in the side.

Russ Fraser led the charge to find a solution, which ultimately came as an old solution — Melwood. The LFC Men trained at Melwood from the 1950 until 2020, when they made the move to Kirkby. The facility was sold off, but nothing ended up happening to the grounds.

The training center was rehabilitated over the summer, and the LFC Women were officially welcomed to their new home at the end of last week. You can take a look at the video below of the squad getting their first glimpses of the renovated facility.

The top-flight facilities will be a platform for progress, according to manager Matt Beard. The Reds will finally have access to premier training pitches, a full indoor facility with top class strength training and rehabilitation rooms, as well as a full cafeteria. The facility has already been mentioned by several of the incoming transfers this past summer as a big draw, and will hopefully help continue to be a boon to signing and retaining talented players.

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