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Stengel: “Let’s Make a Run For It”

We’re back, baby!

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Liverpool FC v Chelsea FC - Barclays Women’s Super League Photo by Lewis Storey/Getty Images

It’s the first game in our return to the WSL and what a game it was. The Reds started out in a not too terrible fashion, defending well despite a soft penalty that Chelsea very obviously converted. The team defended well, though, and kept Chelsea at bay for the first half even if they weren’t able to create too many chances. Then the second half began and thanks to Matt Beard’s motivational speeches (per goalscorer Katie Stengel), the flow of the game changed.

“[Matt] just reiterated we have to believe in ourselves,” Stengel said about the manager’s half-time speech. “[He said:] ‘We can win this game and it’s just another team out there, another 11 players, and we prepared all pre-season so why not believe in ourselves?’”

“What he lacks in height he makes up for in motivational speeches!”

Liverpool’s two goals both came from the penalty spot and Stengel was able to convert both. The second penalty, in particular, was an absolute stunner.

“It’s stupid to ever say you just want to stay in the league,” Stengel said after the game and after Liverpool walked away from taking three points off of last season’s champions. “We’re here to compete, we’re not just here to survive. Let’s make a run for it. We’re in the league to win each game. We won’t go into any game just wanting to be here and be happy.”

“I told myself don’t miss, please don’t miss, all of these people here will make fun of me if I miss. I was like, I have to change it up, and I got lucky I guess.”

Liverpool will take on Everton at Anfield next Sunday. You can get your tickets here.

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