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Liverpool Goalkeeper Rylee Foster Gives Glimpse Into Life After Car Crash

The young Canadian has taken to Tiktok to describe the accident she was involved in, as well as what life is like living in a halo device.

Liverpool Women v Watford Women - Barclays FA Women’s Championship Photo by Nick Taylor/Liverpool FC/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Young goalkeeper Rylee Foster came into this season ready to push for the starting spot. She performed extremely well in place of Rachael Laws at the end of last season, and got a couple of starts early this season as well.

Unfortunately, Foster was involved in a major car accident during during the November international break. She spent time in a hospital with a variety of injuries before returning to Liverpool for further assessment.

Foster has been pictured with a knee brace and a halo device that keeps her neck immobilized, but there has been little information on where things stand. The Canadian keeper has taken to Tiktok over the past few weeks to describe what happened, as well as give people a glimpse into what her life is like right now as she recovers wearing the halo device.

Foster’s description of the car crash is absolutely harrowing (trigger warning for description of the accident and injuries below). She was a passenger sitting in the middle back seat when the car hydroplaned, and she was ejected through the windshield as the car flipped and tumbled despite wearing a seat belt. She listed the variety of injuries she sustained, including fractured vertebrae, a fractured cheek bone, as well as leg injuries.

After returning to Liverpool, she had a regular hard neck brace on, thinking it would just be a few weeks of discomfort. She received a follow up call from the hospital in Liverpool, however, and found out how much more severe the cervical injuries were than initially thought. Rather than just wearing a regular neck brace, she would need to have a halo device affixed. It is quite frightening to hear just how close she was to potentially becoming paralyzed had the doctors in Liverpool not made the additional diagnosis.

Rylee also described what the halo device is for those not familiar. She mentioned that in most cases, the halo device is affixed for three months, but she will have it on for much longer due to the severity of her fractures.

She has been sharing regular updates and post to describe some of the day to day life of living with the halo device. She talks about how she sleeps (basically sitting upright), how she washes her hair, and how she gets dressed with the device that is fixed to her head with bolts.

It’s a harrowing tale, but one that could have ended much worse. It seems that as of now, Rylee still has a chance at a career in the game that she loves. It’s quite brave of her to open up and share her experiences, and we will certainly be keeping up with her as she progresses. Here at TLO Towers, we are all rooting for Rylee as she continues to recover, and hope to see her back on the field for the Reds.

You’ll Never Walk Alone, Rylee!

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