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Amy Rodgers: Contract Retractions Should be Done with Integrity

The midfielder is the third in a series of players treated poorly by the club.

Liverpool Women v London City Lionesses: FA Women’s Championship Photo by Nick Taylor/Liverpool FC/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

There’s not much to add beyond what Steph already said yesterday. Liverpool FC have treated the women’s side poorly in the last few years, but the most recent news (and the justified call outs from the players affected) from the club has been abysmal.

Amy Rodgers—one of the best and most consistent playmakers this season (a season that hasn’t had a lot of consistent players), and a key part of the team for 5 years—had her contract retracted in much the same way that Becky Jane and Kirsty Linnett did.

Much like she did for the other players, former club manager Vicky Jepson (who also departed from the club this year) also posted a message for Amy:

A Liverpool side without Rodgers, without Jane and Linnett, and (very likely) without Rinsola Babajide is incredibly frustrating to think about, especially as new coach Matt Beard tries to find a way back to the Super League again. It’s even more frustrating—and outright demotivating—to think about it in terms of how they’ve all been treated by the club.

It’s unclear what Liverpool FC are doing here, or whether there’s some sort of plan in place. It’s definitely not clear why they think it’s acceptable to treat players on the women’s team like this. That said, the utter disregard for the women’s team and its players does fit within everything else we’ve seen from the club. Maybe it’s time for all of us to accept that no matter what happens, the club is just not going to do anything for the women’s side.

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