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See You in the Championship: A Liverpool Dialogue

Maybe. Probably not, given we only just got the FAWSL streaming live.

West Ham United v Liverpool - FA Women’s Super League - Rush Green Stadium Photo by Chris Radburn/EMPICS/PA Images via Getty Images

How many ways can we say “this sucks”? Because I’ve definitely run through several variations in the last week. If you’ve somehow missed it in the absolute dearth of any other football news: Liverpool Women were officially relegated to the Championship this week. It’s a shameful state of affairs that got Liverpool Women to this point, almost entirely from the club that refused to invest in the team while also trotting them out for photo opportunities any time they needed to show they cared about women’s sports.

For anyone that is a fan of the team and desperately wants to support them, being able to watch the Championship is going to be extremely difficult. Continuing to watch and support the team knowing that the club does not is going to be even harder.

But I’m sure there’s going to be an internal conversation about what went wrong. I’m sure the club will be right on this. Here’s how I assume the conversation will go:

Vicky Jepson: We’re going to have to do something here, folks.

Peter Moore: Oh, we are we are! Don’t worry—the team is definitely going to win the league.

Vicky Jepson: What team?

Peter Moore: The Liverpool team!

Vicky Jepson: You mean the men’s team.

Peter Moore: Of course I mean the men’s team. Oh—oh, I’m so sorry! You’re with the women’s side! How’s that going?

Vicky Jepson: Not great. We just got relegated.

Peter Moore: Who did?

Vicky Jepson: The team!

Peter Moore: Oh no, no! We’re going to win the league!

Vicky Jepson: You know what? I quit.

Peter Moore: Hmm? Who are you again?

If this sounds particularly down on FSG, Peter Moore, and the prospects of Liverpool Women Football Club, you haven’t been paying attention. Per a piece in The Guardian, Liverpool Women have only had 10 full-time employees in 2019, 5 of whom were players, managers, and coaches. That means the other 19 members of the squad were semi-professional and part-time. That sucks. It really sucks. And it’s going to keep sucking for a while, it looks like.

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