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The Other Side of the House: A Liverpool Dialogue

Hello? Is this thing on? I swear we turned it on. Can anyone hear us?

Liverpool v Blackburn Rovers - Women’s FA Cup - Fourth Round - Sir Tom Finney Stadium Photo by Nigel French/EMPICS/PA Images via Getty Images

If you follow Liverpool Women, you’ve probably already learned that our number 9, a role that is quite important in football we’ve been informed, has chosen to leave the club rather than renew her contract. If you follow Liverpool Women, the real question you’re probably asking yourself is “what’s stopping every other player on the squad from also leaving?”

Honestly? We don’t know. Jordan has already covered why everything is so much worse than we had initially thought (a feat that we truly didn’t believe was possible because our expectations were already pretty much at the bottom!), but with a cancelled season becoming more and more likely, and the club not doing anything to address the concerns that would have seen them relegated in any other circumstance, it’s hard to imagine that every other player isn’t looking for a way out, too.

Here’s what we imagine is happening in the very, very well-funded wings of Anfield.

Liverpool Women Liaison: Things are getting bad out there, bosses. Our number 9, an incredible player who scored 14 goals in all comps last season, has just said she won’t be staying with the club after her contract expires. And she came to us from Everton.

Peter Moore: What?! Where else would she go?! Does she not realise we’re Liverpool Football Club?

Liverpool Women Liaison: It turns out, we can’t keep relying on that anymore. Other teams have uh—let me check my notes—uh it says here “invested” in the women’s teams and “given them critical resources” to thrive.

Peter Moore: That sounds fake, but okay. Is she going to one of those teams?

Liverpool Women Liaison: Nope, it looks like our situation is so bad, she’d rather not have anything lined up than continue playing with us.

Peter Moore: Well, that sounds bad! Should we do something about it?

Liverpool Women Liaison: It’s probably worth exploring some options to make things slightly less dire!

Peter Moore: Hm, let’s not get too hasty here. It’s not like the team are likely to get relegated this season anyway.

In all seriousness, the players, staff, and Vicky Jepson all deserve better than what they currently have. If they choose to do what Courtney Sweetman-Kirk has done and focus on their own careers, they have our full support. We just wish they had Liverpool’s, too.

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