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Aston Villa Women 2, Liverpool Women 0 - Match Recap: How Many Of These Are We Going To Go Through?

Man. It’s not easy to be a Women’s team supporter.

Liverpool v Bristol City - FA Women’s Super League - Prenton Park
This is from the wrong game, but I have to put up a picture of something!
Photo by Martin Rickett/EMPICS/PA Images via Getty Images

Aston Villa Women 2 - 0 Liverpool Women

Aston Villa Women: Follis 6’, Syme 82’


While I’m sure in theory having the Liverpool Women’s team play a game in London at the same time as the Men’s team are playing in Villa Park sounded good, it’s a little more annoying in practice. But we’re not here to talk about that, we’re here to talk about the Women as they attempt to find another victory in the Continental Cup, this time against against Aston Villa. The return of Christie Murray from injury is encouraging, and with our set piece master back, hopefully some good will come to the team.

First Half

Things do not get off to a great start, as Villa take the lead early on through Emma Fowlis pouncing on a ball and sending it past Anke Preuss six minutes on. As with most Liverpool Women’s games, it is now an uphill battle to get back on the board and into this game. There was a brief celebration about four minutes later, when it looked as if Courtney Sweetman-Kirk had headed in an equalizer, but it was ruled out as offside and the work began again.

From there, all Liverpool could do was push back as much as possible as they looked for their real equalizer. Kirsty Linnett just barely misses a sublime chance as she tried to get on a cross from Niamh Charles, but Villa’s keeper is there to scoop it up before she can get a proper touch.

The Aston Villa defense is well organized and tough to beat, clearly part of the reason why they sit atop the Championship table at the moment. Liverpool do their best to get around them, with Linnett and Sweetman-Kirk doing what they can to get back into the box to make some magic. At about 35 minutes Melissa Lawley wins the ball back 30 yards from the box, and tries a cross, but it’s deflected out and Liverpool win a corner. Niamh Charles takes it but her shot is blocked by the keeper and it starts all over again.

Second Half

Boss Vicky Jepson doesn’t make any changes to start off the second half, and Liverpool still go in search of that all important equalizer, and hopefully a winner.

Liverpool finally have a chance when they win a free kick in an area that is perfect for Christie Murray, and she steps up for the first time this season following her injury over the summer, but her shot goes just wide of the post. Still some rust to be shaken off there for our Scotland international. Jepson makes her first change shortly after, bringing on Jess Clarke for Courtney Sweetman-Kirk.

Things are decidedly less exciting in this half, as both sides are looking for ways to ensure points for their team - Liverpool desperate for that equalizer and Aston Villa doing what they do best and defending their lead. Vicky Jepson brings on Ashley Hodson for Melissa Lawley at 75 minutes, and while the forward legs are a boost, it ultimately doesn’t help the Reds get level.

The deadlock is broken at 82 minutes when Emily Syme finds Villa’s second of the match, and Liverpool are unable to find a response to get themselves on the scoresheet.

Final Thoughts

The thing is that this could just be “one of those seasons” but considering we’re sitting relegation right now and can’t even beat the team sitting atop the table of the lower league? Not great, Bob.

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