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Losing the Merseyside Derby at Anfield: What Comes Next

Is this the wake-up call the club need to do better by the women?

Liverpool v Everton - FA Women’s Super League - Anfield Photo by Nick Potts/PA Images via Getty Images

A 1-0 loss at Anfield is something we just don’t expect to see anymore, especially in the Merseyside derby, so it’s pretty disappointing that an evenly-matched game for Liverpool Women ended with that scoreline this weekend. It was a historic performance for the women’s side, with a turnout of 23,500 and the Kop singing YNWA at the beginning and end of the game, and the coach was certainly happy with the performance from the squad. That said, we have to wonder if this—a loss at Anfield to Everton (Everton!)—is going to finally wake management up to the serious lack of resources the women’s side is working with.

Writers at the Liverpool Offside have suggested changes the club could make to the point of exhaustion, from giving the women access to the club’s training facilities, to increasing coaching resources for the side, to bolstering support through better social media activity and letting the women play more games at Anfield. As it stands, the women’s side have now only managed to secure one point this entire season and are in serious danger of being relegated to the Championship.

It goes without saying that relegation means losing key players as well as some of the club’s audience. Which is quite embarrassing given every other major club in the league is only seeing an increase in talent and audience (Sam Kerr, anyone?).

It should go without saying that the talent is there. The desire to win is there. The energy is absolutely there. Anyone who’s watched Liverpool Women this season can see that. What’s missing is the team’s ability to complete chances, to counterattack, to clinically defend — all things we’ve seen the men’s side do to perfection. The resources are there. The expertise is there. The data is there. The club needs to apply them all to the women’s side before it’s too late.

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