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Watch: Rinsola Babajide Surprises A Young Fan

The Liverpool Women’s player met one of her biggest fans and it was sweet as you would expect.

Liverpool Women v Sheffield United Women - The FA Continental League Cup Photo by Lewis Storey/Getty Images

It’s not uncommon to see videos of male players surprising fans, or thanking them personally for their support. With coverage of the women’s game severely lacking, we don’t see it a whole lot with women players, unless it supports a World Cup ad campaign (you know the ones).

This moment with Liverpool Women’s player Rinsola Babajide surprising a young fan is a nice step towards the Women’s team being promoted more, if you take it at face value. Young Daisy Williams was selected to be a mascot for a Women’s game and while she didn’t get to walk out with her hero Babajide, she did get to give her a letter telling her how much the player means to her.

That gave Babajide the idea to pay Daisy’s own team a little visit.

Babajide’s style of play has been a bright spot in what has been a disappointing (to say the least) start to the season for the Women’s team. While it’s easy to be cynical about moves like this — as I have allowed myself to be — the visit clearly meant more to Daisy than anything else, as she was able to train with one of her heroes and spend quality time with her, and that’ll go a lot further in terms of growing the game for young girls than most anything else.

This moment shared with a young fan truly shows what the game means not only to the fans, girls like Daisy and beyond, but the players as well who need that support now more than ever.

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