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Watch: Adam Lallana vs. QPR

Making his first start in over a month, Adam Lallana showed signs of rust but was once again impressive against QPR, underlining his importance to Brendan Rodgers' side heading into next season.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Each time Adam Lallana has returned from injury this season--which has been far too often, unfortunately--there's revelation that he's actually a quite useful player. Often that discussion is derailed by how much he cost or why he's not that good, but even those with tunnel vision about how much the club paid Southampton are inevitably forced to acknowledge, often begrudgingly, that he's a player who offers plenty of creativity and urgency going forward in a Liverpool attack that's been in need of both for most of the season.

Those offerings were on display against QPR yesterday, his first start since the loss against Manchester United back in mid-March. Starting on the left side of a front three with Rickie Lambert at the point, Lallana was energetic and quick-thinking, keeping Liverpool on the front foot when in possession and once again working hard without the ball. The downsides of his game, namely lack of pace and inconsistent finishing, reared their head on a few occasions, but overall it was another quality performance by the 26-year-old.

Like Daniel Sturridge, Lallana will have the summer to iron out his fitness worries, as he's set to feature heavily in a Liverpool attack next season that will need to do far, far better. Given what he provides when he is available, it's clear that he can be an important part of the club's success next season.

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