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Watch: Emre Can vs. England U21s

It wasn’t a perfect night, but there was far more good than otherwise for Emre Can, who often looked a class above facing off against England’s U21s on Monday.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

It can be easy for club fans to overlook the regular international slate, never mind the youth competitions taking place during every international break. Last night, though, gave Liverpool fans a U21 match to pay attention to, when a German U21 side with Emre Can anchoring the midfield were edged by a game England whose midfield was being run by rumoured Liverpool target Will Hughes.

Amongst the best players on the pitch, both had their share of individual victories when coming up against the other. For at least the time being, though, the main focus for Liverpool fans—and in particular those fans who may not have seen the match—is on how Emre Can looked moved to his more natural position, as the 21-year-old was back in the midfield on Monday night, the deeper half of Germany’s double-pivot.

Can may have been back in midfield, but he often dropped between the two centre halves to build play and was frequently given the chance to show off his impressive passing range from deep. Not one to simply launch balls up the pitch, though, he showed a commendable restraint in choosing when to sprinkle in his long attempts and when to keep it short and safe—or when to use a bit of fancy footwork to avoid England’s press.

All told, Germany probably should have had an extra goal or two from the chances he set up, and Can often looked a class above many he was facing—and playing with. For all the good he did on and off the ball, though, not everything came off, and while self-belief is rarely a bad thing for a talented footballer, wasting Germany’s last chance of the night with a poor shot from distance might not have been his best moment.

Video by i7xLFC

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