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Watch: Joao Carlos Teixeira vs. Bournemouth

Liverpool midfielder Joao Carlos Teixeira put in a solid performance against Bournemouth that should put him in contention for minutes in the coming weeks. Take another look with this every-touch compilation.

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

When there wasn't any room for him in the Europa League squad, many assumed Joao Carlos Teixeira's days as a Liverpool player were numbered. The arrival of a new manager, though, means every player is starting fresh with a chance to impress. Teixeira got his on Wednesday night against Bournemouth.

On the back of it, most expect he will see the pitch again in the coming weeks—though not being in the Europa League squad rules him out of next Thursday's match against Rubin Kazan, one he might have been favoured to start it were he available. Still, with Liverpool playing two games a week, he should get more chances.

The idea on Wednesday night seemed to be for Teixeira to replace Milner as in the midfield three, though with Liverpool holding over two-thirds of the possession he often pushed forward into Roberto Firmino's space in the more attacking band, allowing the Brazilian in turn to take on a free role in support of Divock Origi.

It was a solid game, though not perfect. At times he was quite loose in possession. Still, his willingness to move forward helped Liverpool create more in attack than often of late, and it was key in their opening goal. It could have led to a second just before the half when he fired wide after some stellar work from Jordon Ibe.

Lucas' introduction in the second half saw the team move to a fairly conventional 4-4-2, but the wider role didn't dent Teixeira's confidence as he continued to push high and central to support the attack, and even took a free kick away from Firmino, leading to a noteworthy late chance for Liverpool to pad their lead.

It wasn't the only noteworthy moment Teixeira had from dead ball situations, as his corners consistently beat the first man—something Liverpool have failed to do far too often this season. All told, then, it was a promising night. Not perfect, but promising, and one that argues Teixeira deserves his share of minutes.

Video by MrBoywunder

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