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Watch: Liverpool's 51-Pass Goal vs. Bournemouth

If you missed it, the full, 51-pass build-up to Liverpool's first against Bournemouth is certainly worth a watch. If you saw it live, it's worth seeing again.

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

It's been a long time since Liverpool have held possession as well as in the first half of their League Cup match against Bournemouth. And it's been a long time since they've scored a goal whose build-up could be measured in minutes. Last night's 51-pass move before Raheem Sterling scored the game's opener, though, certainly qualifies.

"It was brilliant," said Rodgers of the goal following last night's match. "We've worked very hard on our movement and creativity, but it's taken us a long time to find our rhythm this season. I thought the first goal was a wonderful example of our patience and movement and creativity. It was an outstanding goal that showed real authority on the ball."

Key was a willingness amongst the entire team to pass up multiple chances to try to force the issue, the players largely avoiding any frustration and simply recycling possession any time an angle of attack was closed off by Bournemouth. Switch the flank, keep the ball, and keep working it until a gap opened. A man was left unmarked. A runner was lost.

In the end it all added up to Jordan Henderson being given a little too much space by the Bournemouth left back, and it added up to the centre halves losing Raheem Sterling. But it took more than three minutes of holding onto the ball to reach that point. In the past, this Liverpool side would have given up and forced the issue well before that point.

Hopefully it signals a return to the kind of patient possession football Rodgers arrived at the club preaching and can be a sign of things to come rather than a one-off.

Video by MyBoywunder

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