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Southampton Expected to Reject Chelsea’s Lavia Bid

Do something... Liverpool.

Sheffield Wednesday v Southampton FC - Sky Bet Championship Photo by George Wood/Getty Images

After a tense night since David Ornstein reported on Chelsea’s £48m bid for Southampton’s Romeo Lavia, Sky Sports is now saying that the bid is expected to be turned down.

Well, that’s something. Hopefully, the resolution to all of this is on the horizon. Because if Liverpool can’t be sprung into action from that bid... what will? As both parties slowly inch towards Southampton’s asking price of £50m for the midfielder, it’s important to remember that: 1) Chelsea and Liverpool will kick off their season on Sunday at Stamford Bridge and 2) and that the summer transfer window closes at 11pm on Friday, September 1.

I would say that I’m hoping that Liverpool wrap this up quickly and move on to filling other squad holes, like getting another defensive midfield option and a defender. Still, given how long this has taken, I won’t be surprised if nothing else is done.

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