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Szoboszlai Reveals Erling Haaland Real Estate Advice

The former RB Leipzig player joined Liverpool earlier this week.

Liverpool Unveil New Signing Dominik Szoboszlai Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Dominik Szoboszlai has completed his move from Germany to Merseyside. Learning the area and adjusting to life in a whole new part of the world is part of the life of a professional football player. It helps when there are fellow countrymen or former teammates around to provide support and give advice.

Szoboszlai, who played for RB Salzburg before heading to Germany, told a Hungarian news outlet that it was former RB LeipzigSalzburg and current Man City star striker Erling Haaland who he went to for guidance. Liverpool and Manchester are so close, and Szoboszlai revealed that Haaland gave him some tips on the best place to look for a home.

“We’ve talked. So much so that Erling Haaland has also advised on finding real estate, and it could very well be that we become neighbours,” Szoboszlai said.

“I learned from him that several players live halfway between Manchester and Liverpool in a quiet area where privacy can be preserved, and on Monday I will see what he was talking about, I am very curious.

“And of course, putting our friendship aside during the Liverpool-Manchester City matches, it will surely be a fantastic experience to play against each other.”

Of course, the bedding in doesn’t stop at a place to live, but also with the Premier League and the team itself.

Szoboszlai understands that it’s a process that won’t happen overnight.

“I’m trying to take it step by step, I definitely need time to get used to the rhythm of the Premier League, the way Liverpool plays, Jurgen Klopp’s ideas.

“The opportunity to play is the most important thing, as always, and if I have that, obviously I want to score as many goals as possible, give assists, make myself accepted by my surroundings, by the fans. I want to deserve the confidence that they give me here in Liverpool at every moment.”

It’s good to see that he has the right mentality going into his new position. We’ve seen how long it’s taken some players to get used to Klopp’s unique and aggressive style. Understanding that it might take some time before he masters it shows that he is ready to put in the work to get himself there.

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