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Henderson to Al-Ettifaq Reportedly On Again After £700k Per Week Offer

The on again, off again story of the day is on again as it seems increasingly likely Jordan Henderson will join Steven Gerrard at Al-Ettifaq.

Liverpool Pre-Season Training Session Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

The past 12 hours has already seen reports that current Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson was considering a move to Saudi Arabia to join up with former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard—and then that he decided to reject the approach.

Now, the on again, off again story of the day is back to on again with reliable sources reporting the 33-year-old is back to considering the move—and perhaps even likely to accept it—having been made a £700k per week offer by Al-Ettifaq.

According to club-connected journalists including David Ornstein at The Athletic and Dominic King at The Mail, the Gerrard-managed club has stepped up their offer in a big way and is now willing to more than triple Henderson’s wages.

While described alternately as a “staggering” and “life-changing” offer, it’s worth noting that Henderson doesn’t come from extreme poverty—his father is a retired police officer—and he has been one of Liverpool’s top earners for at least a decade.

The amount on offer would indeed be staggering and life-changing for almost any fan and even perhaps some players from disadvantaged backgrounds who might feel in some way obligated to bestow generational wealth upon their extended families.

For a player like Henderson, it would be difficult to find even that thread towards understanding. Still, given the way this story has shifted back and forth over the day, it’s impossible to say with any certainty where we will find ourselves tomorrow.

Perhaps he’ll take the deal, changing his life from that of an exceptionally wealthy footballer whose children’s children will never have to work a day in their life to an even wealthier one whose children’s children will never have to work a day in their life.

Alternately, perhaps, he won’t. For their part, Liverpool are now reportedly waiting on his decision and if he says yes they will begin negotiations with Al-Ettifaq over a fee—and then perhaps turn their attentions toward signing Roméo Lavia.

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