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Alexis Mac Allister Will Reportedly Cost Between £45-55M Including Add-Ons

Between reports originating from Liverpool’s end and reports originating from Brighton’s end we have a pretty good idea what Mac Allister will cost.

Brighton & Hove Albion v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by David Horton - CameraSport via Getty Images

In the autumn, Alexis Mac Allister signed a new deal with Brighton and Hove Albion. It now seems clear that deal was signed in order to expedite his departure from the club in the summer, with something very much resembling a release clause included in it.

Reports have consistently stressed that it isn’t actually a release clause. At least not as release clauses are typically understood. But it does set the framework for his departure, and following Monday’s rumours of it setting out a £45M fee that appeared to come from the Liverpool end, today we have Brighton’s take.

Today, from The Athletic’s Brighton expert Andy Naylor, comes word that sources with the Seagulls are suggesting the fee is likely to bring in around £55M for the South Coast club when everything’s said and done.

There have been further reports suggesting that as part of Mac Allister’s agreement with Brighton, the fee will not be formally announced following his sale, meaning we may never get closer to the details than what the two clubs unofficially leak to friendly journalists.

In that light, and given the clause isn’t quite a release clause, it seems fair to assume that Liverpool are leaking a £45M number that reflects the base fee Brighton will be guaranteed to receive while Brighton in turn are reporting a £55M number that reflects the fee with all potential add-ons included.

Meanwhile, there had been recent rumours that Moisés Caicedo might have had a similar clause inserted in his most recent contract, but the latest has Brighton demanding upwards of £70M for the Ecuador international and ready to drag out negotiations to get it.

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