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Klopp Talk: “I Am Not Angry”

Presumably, he’s just disappointed.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

How many interviews can one team do focused on something that won’t be happening? At least one more, it turns out. Sure we’ve already talked about what Klopp thinks about the transfer market and the Jude Bellingham trade not working out, but have we taken a moment to ask Klopp what he thinks about the transfer market and the Jude Bellingham trade not working out?

“I am not angry [with the owners],” Klopp said in an interview ostensibly focused on the lead-up to Monday’s game against Leeds. “I don’t agree with everything we do but I am employed here and I am not here to be angry about things that will work out or not work out. If I am angry, we won’t all of a sudden have more money and resources to do everything. The way we did things in the past is the way we will do it in the future – that’s the way.”

“I cannot change that; nobody could change that. We were pretty successful with that. That we didn’t win the four trophies last year, had nothing to do with the transfer market, that we didn’t sign enough players. Maybe some people would think if we signed certain players, we’d have a point more.”

“We [want to] bring the right players here, who want to fight for the badge, fight for the club, develop with us and everything is fine,” Klopp added. “Fresh legs, fresh minds, stuff like this, then go for it. Then they will be seen as great signings after the season. Maybe not before the season, I have no clue.”

So there you have it. Maybe someone at FSG can field the next set of questions, instead.

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