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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Won’t Sign Fulham’s João Palhinha

In related news, apparently some people thought Liverpool were maybe going to sign João Palhinha in January?

Fulham FC v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Gaspafotos/MB Media/Getty Images

Over the summer, with Liverpool desperately casting about for a new defensive midfielder following the departure of Fabinho, there were at least a few tenuous links with Fulham’s 28-year-old Portuguese destroyer João Palhinha.

There were only a few problems with the links. For one, there was his age. For another, his rumoured £70M price tag. For a third, there was the fact that of all the midfielders Liverpool were linked to he might have been the worst on the ball.

But despite that he was deep into his prime years and overpriced compared to his skillset and track record and that that skillset and track record didn’t make him look like a Liverpool player, well, there was certainly some chatter.

That chatter disappeared when he looked set to join Bayern Munich, and while that move in the end fell through there’s been a general assumption in the land of rumour mongering that he will belatedly join the German giants in January.

And just in case you were wondering, Liverpool won’t be in the mix for him this time around. Not that they were likely really in the mix last time around, either. And not that anyone had seriously linked Palhinha in recent weeks.

Still, that’s the story from This Is Anfield’s David Lynch, who wants people to know the Reds aren’t interested. We honestly didn’t know anyone still thought we might be, mind. But regardless, it’s good to get that sorted, I suppose.

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