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Rumour Mongering: It’s Time for #Mbappe2024, Liverpool Fans

It’s time for everybody’s favourite time of the year, the release of the new season of is Mbappé joining Liverpool (he’s not joining Liverpool).

Paris Saint-Germain v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Group C Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

You might look at your calendar and think to yourself, self, it’s definitely still 2023. Says right there in the corner of your screen or when you pull down the notifications dealie or fire up the calendar app. Twenty twenty-three. October to be precise. So. Still a bit to go.

For those who put their stock in transfers, though, 2023 is so over. It’s done. On to the next one. On to 2024. The next chance to wheel and record deal. The next chance to drop Kylian Mpabbé’s name alongside Liverpool. That’s right, kids, it’s time for #Mbappe2024.

Brought to you, on this occasion, by France’s Le10Sport, who are trying to spice up the long running will he or won’t he love triangle of a transfer saga between Mbappé and Paris Saint Germain and Real Madrid by adding Liverpool as well as Chelsea into the mix.

As as spices go, they might be a tad stale. Because we’ve been talking Mbappé joining Liverpool (he’s not joining Liverpool) since at least 2020. Or maybe 2019. Point is, we’ve been talking about it long enough to forget how long we’ve been talking about it.

Chelsea have popped up frequently, too, because even if they’ve been mired in mid-table for nearly as long as we’ve been talking Mbappé joining Liverpool (he’s not joining Liverpool), they do like to hand out 73-year contracts and that means dollar dollar bill, y’all.

But anyhow. Liverpool are said to be willing to offer Mbappé an “extremely important” contract. No idea what that means, but presumably it’s extremely important. In related, if he somehow doesn’t join Madrid next summer, we look forward to #Mbappe2025.

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