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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Willing to Pay €60M for Flamengo’s João Gomes

Flamengo midfielder João Gomes continues to be linked with a move to Liverpool.


Names come and go quickly in the world of transfer rumours, particularly when you’re talking about a club like Liverpool that everybody knows needs to refresh an aging and in some cases injury-prone midfield core.

Some names seem to stick, though. Not that that guarantees there’s any truth to the rumour or that the player is likely to end up at Anfield, of course. Still, some links persist, and for Liverpool a newly persistent rumour this autumn is João Gomes.

The 21-year-old Flamengo midfielder who shades to the defensive side of the game started being linked with a move to England shortly after the season began and the chatter surrounding him has continued ever since.

Previous rumours had Flamengo setting a €60M asking price (or £53M in today’s Pounds, though given England’s current Tory-induced financial crisis that could change quickly). Now, the rumour is that Liverpool are willing to pay that amount.

At least that’s how Sport see it, who are coming to the rumour from the Real Madrid side of things, as the La Liga side have also been linked with Gomes in recent weeks—but might not, as the story goes, be quite ready to pay.

Whether all the chatter is simply posturing—from a club looking to drive up price or a player looking to engineer a move—is a fair question. Regardless, given the persistence of Gomes to Liverpool talk, we don’t expect this to be the end of it.

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