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Jamie Carragher On Liverpool’s Midfield Needs: “Don’t Panic”

The ex-Red would like the club to sign another midfielder, but only if he’s the one Jürgen Klopp really wants.

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Most people would likely say Liverpool’s options in midfield could be improved. The only real disagreement, it seems, is over how that rather self-evident statement should be followed up on in the final weeks of the transfer window.

For some, it seems as simple as going out and yet adding another name to the mix of nine players—some young and unproven, some older and injury prone—that Jürgen Klopp already has competing for minutes at three midfield positions.

For others, including the club and manager going by his latest statements and past actions, numbers aren’t the issue. As such, the only reason to sign a player is if he improves Klopp’s starting options. Former Red Jamie Carragher agrees with that.

“Most people would say Liverpool’s midfield could be strengthened,” the Sky pundit and ex-Red centre half noted. “I don’t think that means in terms of numbers, but maybe in terms of quality or giving them something different that they don’t have.

“Now, I would only want Jürgen Klopp and Liverpool to and buy that midfielder if they can get the player that they want. A lot of Liverpool’s success in the transfer market has been down to not panicking, and that’s what Liverpool can’t do.”

Liverpool have already signalled they know midfield is an area that could use some work—perhaps the only one in one of Europe’s best and deepest squads—based on their attempts to sign Aurélien Tchouaméni and Jude Bellingham this summer.

Tchouaméni, though, preferred Madrid, while Dortmund’s Bellingham isn’t for sale this summer with the German club having already lost star forward Erling Haaland. As a result, all signs point to the Reds trying for Bellingham next summer.

There may be others the Reds see as being at that level—players they may have tried to sign as well or who, if they became available late, they might bring in. But if one isn’t available, the club won’t panic and sign a player just to pad the numbers.

“We haven’t [panicked] in the past, can’t do it now, and shouldn’t do it in the future,” Carragher added. “If the player that they want isn’t available, don’t get one. If there’s a midfielder they like I’d like them to get him, but don’t panic.”

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