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Rumour Mongering: Mohamed Salah’s Liverpool Contract Saga Continues

Liverpool and Salah reach another impasse.

Liverpool FC v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final 2021/22 Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

We’re still in mourning (in the midst of wishing him well, obviously) for Sadio Mané and now seems like a terrible time to also get into the Salah contract saga, but here we are. The last time we checked in, Salah was rumoured to have said he would like to stay in England and join a Premier League rival if Liverpool doesn’t meet his asked for salary.

Now, per a report in the Mirror, Liverpool have said they’ve gone as far as they are willing to without breaking the current wage structure at the club. Unfortunately for Salah’s camp, that doesn’t mean his current demand for a £400,000-a-week deal and it seems unlikely that either side will be willing to compromise.

Salah has previously indicated that he might be willing to negotiate, telling FourFourTwo: “In the contract it’s not everything about the money at all.”

On Klopp’s side, he’s previously said about players in negotiations: “In life, there are more things to think about than who the manager is, but knowing who the manager and coaching staff are is an important thing. If it is a positive sign for the boys, then great, but I don’t think this will be the one decisive thing for whatever decision they have to make. It’s their own life. We just wanted to guarantee that everyone who wants to be here knows what he can expect.”

Whether staying with a manager who he’s close to and a team that he’s won every single trophy with will be enough for Salah to come back to the negotiating table remains to be seem.

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