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Sadio Mane Shouldn’t Lose His Liverpool Legacy, Says Ex-Premier League Player

Mane’s comments made in jest should not tarnish his rapport with Liverpool fans.


Sadio Mane raised eyebrows recently when he claimed that the majority of Senegalese football fans want him to leave Liverpool. According to former England striker Gabriel Agbonlahor, Mane should state that he wants to leave whilst still being respectful towards his current club.

“I’d be very careful if I was Mane to not lose his Liverpool legacy”, said Agbonlahor said, in an exclusive with Football Insider.

“For me, he’s a Liverpool legend and he doesn’t want to say the wrong thing and lose the respect of the Liverpool fans.”

Mane has since joked that the media got him in trouble with Liverpool supporters.

Bayern Munich have made two offers for Mane that Liverpool have rejected. They are hoping to get about £40million in the transfer deal.

“They bought you for you a big amount of money from Southampton and given you a platform to prove you’re a top, top player. I don’t think there’s any need to say the things that he’s said”, said Agbonlahor.

“Players need to understand now that if there’s a camera in front of you or a microphone you can’t be making jokes about your club. It’s a sensitive time for Liverpool fans.

“He just needs to say ‘You know what, I want to leave, Liverpool can’t meet my contract demands, I want to go somewhere else and I’ll love Liverpool forever’. There are ways to go out.”

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