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Klopp Talk: Bellingham is ‘Exceptional’

The boss talks about transfer rumours and Jude Bellingham.

Birmingham City v Reading - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

The whole World Cup at Christmas has been good for a few things, including what promises to be a very nerve-wracking transfer season. Liverpool (and Jordan Henderson, especially) have made it clear that they’re interested in targeting 19-year-old World Cup star Jude Bellingham even if Borussia Dortmund aren’t quite ready to see him go yet.

“I don’t like to talk about money when you talk about a player like [Bellingham],” Klopp said this weekend. “Everyone can see he is just exceptional.”

“If you mention to someone who has no clue about football: ‘How old do you think Jude Bellingham is?’ I don’t think anyone would get even close to his age. They would say 28 or 29 because he plays so mature. He played an exceptional World Cup. Absolutely exceptional. With all the things he has and things he can improve, to describe him I would say the things he can do are difficult to learn, and the things he can improve are easy to learn. He is a really good player.

“What can I say? I have thought that already for two or three years since he had his breakthrough at Dortmund. Everybody knew already but I have no idea what that means for the money side of it. I really think if we all want to do him a favour then we do not talk too much about money. I mean that from an England point of view. Do not throw any hurdles in his development.”

Klopp doesn’t believe this season’s form and Liverpool’s standing in the league will prevent the club from attracting top talent.

“It is very important for the club and that is our main target now,” he added. “It is important but, from a transfer perspective, generally we have a good chance to qualify for the Champions League. Will it happen this year? I don’t know. But 100% we are one of the contenders for the next few years again.”

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