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Rumour Mongering: PSG Would Only Consider Selling Mbappé to Liverpool

Despite the claims in Spain, we would recommend Liverpool fans don’t get their hopes up on the #Mbappe2023 front.

Paris Saint-Germain v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Group C Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

In May when Kylian Mbappé signed a new long-term deal with Paris Saint-Germain, the assumption was that the young French star’s future had been decided.

Even before then, while Liverpool fans entertained themselves with tongue-in-cheek talk of #Mbappe2020 or #Mbappe2021 or #Mbappe2022 it was, well, tongue-in-cheek. Done in the knowledge that even if he did leave the Parisian sportswashers his only realistic destination was Real Madrid.

Despite all that, it’s time to talk Mbappé again, as just five months after signing a deal that reportedly made him the highest paid player in football, the 23-year-old is said to want out at PSG. And on the flip side of it, PSG would only consider a sale to Liverpool.

At least that’s the story from Marca today, with the Spanish rumour mongers coming at the tale of Mbappé’s supposed falling out and quite entirely irreparable relationship with PSG—again, supposedly—from a Madrid perspective.

We’ll just come right out and say it: we wouldn’t get our hopes up, and it’s not even really a question of ambition or willingness to spend on Liverpool’s part. It’s that between the fee PSG would demand and wages, there may be no realistic destinations for Mbappé at the moment.

Marca suggest the player still wants Madrid, but even for Los Blancos a £200M player with the highest wages in football is a stretch. The same would hold true for the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United. Meanwhile, PSG’s fellow sportswashers Man City filled their striker needs by signing Erling Haaland over the summer.

If Mbappé was determined to depart Paris, he needed to do it over the past summer rather than signing a new deal making him the game’s top earner in May, and the idea he instead did that but has now reached a point where his relationship with that club is irreparable seems absurd.

Still, that he desperately wants out at PSG is now the story. As is the suggestion that PSG would only consider selling to Liverpool—or, given the source of that part of the rumour, that they at least wouldn’t sell to Real Madrid. So. There you have it. #Mbappe2023.

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