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Former Spurs Manager: Liverpool One of Two Clubs That Could Sign Kane

So yeah we’re not so sure about that.

Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/Getty Images

This transfer season has been a wild ride for pretty much everyone, but some things didn’t work out. Including Harry Kane leaving Spurs for a Manchester City where he presumably wanted to win some trophies or something. With Kane staying at Spurs for now, speculation of his next move and when it’ll happen is rife, and for former Spurs Manager, Tim Sherwood, that might be ‘to Liverpool’ and ‘very soon’

“Harry Kane [will likely move] at the end of next season, I think he stays there for the whole season, even though he said that he is staying ‘for this summer’,” Sherwood told Sky Sports this weekend. “Other teams, like Man City [will] probably go for Erling Haaland now on a £70 million buy, so that blocks [Kane’s] pathway there. He won’t leave for leaving sake.”

“He will leave because he needs to go to a club where he knows they can win. Now, that’s probably Liverpool in the Premier League. Manchester United. Manchester City or Chelsea. It won’t be Chelsea now because they have signed Romelu Lukaku.”

It’s unclear how Lukaku negates a move to Chelsea but the presence of our front three doesn’t do the same for Liverpool, but Sherwood doesn’t elaborate on that at all. And listen, is Kane a good player? Yes, probably. Almost definitely when you get him uninjured. But Liverpool isn’t lacking in forwards, and if we do bolster our abilities there, it’s unlikely that Klopp is in the market for a 28 year old with Kane’s injury record.

Probably the only thing to come out of this particular rumour (is it even a rumour?) is our laughter before we all move on.

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